Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Life: 1+ Month in Sweden

A couple of days ago it was a month since the day I moved to Sweden. The only thing I could complain about is that I had to spend at least 3 hours per day traveling to work and back, and sometimes trains were late or wouldn’t come at all ant then there is a but that goes two time slower. Otherwise, even the beer is not that bad as people might say. In the big stores where alcohol is sold, it’s possible to find German, Mexican, American, Czech beers but not Lithuanian. The bread is quite good here as well. I guess it is just a matter of what people get used to. I would repeat myself once again but I just love the trash sorting in Sweden. It’s a great feeling to know that you reduce the pollution and that there is “stuff” being recycled and used again.

Tomorrow is the day when we will move the place called Sollentuna that is much closer to my work and I am thinking about getting a bicycle some time later. Marie and I looked up the notebooks on the web and have found a nice Acer for Marie. She was desperately looking for one that would be very light (approx 1.5 kg), so I think we will buy this one as soon as I get my registration papers done and will receive the personal social security number. I also looked up the desktops and prices and there are some really good ones I am dreaming about. But that will have to wait until the summer.

We will also get two mobile phone subscriptions and there is one Motorola model that I like a lot. It says it should be released in the Q4 2006 so I expect it in the beginning of the year. It’s a rather small, thin, without a camera (thanks God) and it’s like almost a monochrome display which will mean longer life for the battery. I am of those people who don’t like combo printers/scanners/faxes/copiers, and mobile phones with cameras. I like everything to be separate.

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