Friday, October 27, 2006

Programs: Freeware for Commercial Use

If we look at the license for the programs like IrfanView, XnView, Daemoon Tools and some others, the license will say that it is freeware for home use. It means that you cannot use it at your workplace, since it would be commercial use. During the last year I discovered a couple of programs that are freeware and can be used for the commercial purposes. Some of them are open source and some of them are just freeware. So here is my list (sorted alphabetically):

7-Zip (file compression utility)
Audacity (sound editor)
AVS DVD Player (dvd player)
CamStudio (screen recorder)
CD Burner XP Pro (cd/dvd burning utility)
ClCl (multiple clipboard management)
Comodo Firewall (firewall)
FreeLauchBar (quick launch replacement)
fSekrit (text encryption in a small exe file) >>
ImgBurn (iso image burning utility)
K-Lite Codec Pack(pack of video codecs)
Media Player Classic (a part of K-Lite Codec Pack)
Notepad++ (notepad replacement)
Paint .NET (image editor) Get Paint.NET!
Screenshot Pilot (screen capture utility)
SlowView (image viewer)
Traffic Meter (monitor the amount of traffic) >>
True Crypt (virtual encrypted hard drive)
UltraVNC (remote desktop control utility)
Virtual Clone Drive (virtual cd/dvd drive)

So that's the list of the applications that I use at work today. You can find them by using the search engine like ... eeeeehhh ... let me think ... ah, yes ... google.

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