Friday, October 20, 2006

Job: Tobii Sweden

On Thursday, October 12th, I went to Sweden for a job interview. I was really excited because it was a great chance for me to get a job in Sweden, which I was really dreaming about for a long time. This time it was Tobii company where I was applying for a job, and it was actually my wife who spotted the advertisement.

Before going to Sweden, I had 2 phone interviews where the employer got to know me as a person and as a software developer (I think that the word “programmer” and “coder” are pretty negative to me since they do not involve anything but writing code). And after a couple of days Johan from Tobii called me and told that they would like to meet me in person and they would cover the flight expense. That sounded like, “Is it happening to me?” So, on Friday the 13th J, I came to the Tobii place. I was really impressed by all aspects of the company, people, management, office building, view from the window, friendliness of everybody around, and of course computers. So, I was really excited and I thought – what kind of interview will I have to become a part of it. For the interview had, as I would say, a healthy portion of stress. The kind of stress you have on the exam that you are ready for but are still worried if everything would go right. So, I was introduced to the different teams in the office, ideas, visions, plans of the company, and to the eye tracking technology itself. I actually was amazed by the accuracy of the eye tracking system Tobii has developed. Then then interview started. Almost two hours have passed went pretty fast because I think I enjoyed talking about me and the interviewers enjoyed listening to me. I must say that I wouldn’t be able to do that without the experience I had at LCC.

After the interview, I got an extra IQ test for 40 minutes. I actually was disturbed by the idea that I actually can get a job here. Well, I hope I did fairly well on that test. After the test I talked to the developers and other people from the different teams about what they are doing and how does it feel like to work at Tobii. I was pretty happy about the process when I left the building and Johan told me they will contact me within a week or so to tell me the results.

So, the week back in Klaipeda was very different for me from day to day. On Wednesday however, Tobii called my references and it was the good news to know that my CV is not in the drawer gathering the dust. And on Thursday I got a call from Johan saying that if I still want to (really? Any doubts?) I can start working for Tobii.

I always have mixed feelings about leaving people, places or anything I get used to but surely it is going to be a great change for me and my wife Marie who is studying in Stockholm now. I am the last of the three Lithuanians who actually started as the first employees at Basic Partner three and a half years ago in Klaipeda, Lithuania. First, Simona left for the US when she won the green card. Second, Levon left for Canada with his family. And finally, I am the third who is leaving for Sweden. Well, there must be something wrong with Lithuania.

So, now I need to talk to my current management about the time that I will need to wrap up the projects that I currently working on and pass them to other developers at Basic Partner. Sweden is not as far as US and Canada and after I leave for Sweden, I will appear in Klaipeda from time to time, so my family, friends, colleagues and my dentist wouldn’t forget what I look like.