Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fun: Have a Nice Weekend

This weather is getting cooler but still the beginning of October in Klaipeda is too warm to be true. This weekend was pretty interesting as well. It started with Friday evening when we decided to go to the Russian-style night club Metelica. My friend Sergej had relatives coming from Bratsk and going to the night club was a part of the program for the weekend. I hope that Tanya (the girl in pink on the photos got a good impression about Klaipeda). So, 6 of my friends and I had pretty nice time there. I actually picked up a couple of Russian songs that I really liked (it doesn’t happen very often when I get a Russian song that I like). It was a lot of fun and we left the club around 4 in the morning.

On Saturday we went to the seaside and played boule and flying disc. The water in the Baltic sea was not too cold and here is my friend Sergeij searching for the flying disc that I have thrown into water too far.

We didn’t find it. I guess I owe him a beer now since it was his flying disc.

After the sea we went to see a ship that came to Klaipeda from St. Petersburg. We were too late and they didn’t let us in. No big deal :). We had a nice walk anyways.

On Sunday we went to Palanga to have a walk there. This time our friends Zhenya and Lena and their little daughter Dasha joined us and it was a long time since there were so many friends together. Then we went to a bar and had a talk about this and that. After that it was time to get home.

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Maria said...

and you know i really wish i was there and not on the other side of the baltics :) but it's good that mobile technology allows instant communication wherevere you are (almost) :)