Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fun: September in Klaipeda

It's the second year in a row when the weather in September is exceptionaly nice. It's sunny, around +20°C , and the Baltic Sea is pretty warm so there are some people swimming. This weekend is one of those when I think that very soon the sky will turn grey and the "raining" season will come. So, for the two days I was lazy, taking it easy playing boule. Although being a pretty simple game (or maybe I don't know all the rules), it's quite a nice game to play at the sea. I first played it in the summer in Sweden. A couple of days ago I saw the game in Jysk store in Klaipeda, so we gave it a chance. Everyone seemed to like the game.

Besides the fun, my wife and I discussed this year plans. My wife is studying in Sweden and I am working in Lithuania and both of us are actually getting sick of the situation being apart for so long. The biggest challenge for me in this situation is to learn Swedish language becase there aren't so many companies that want to take people who don't know the language. So, I guess I have to learn the language before I get the job, not vice versa.

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Maria said...

lovely indeed :)