Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Music: Roxette VS Taxes

I knew that Norway and Sweden are "high" on taxes and daily roxette published today an article about Roxette fighting the tax rules in Sweden. Our company manager complains about the tax rules in Norway as well from time to time and I think he is right about it. Well, here is an article:

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson have been involved in what's been labeled by the Swedish government as tax evasion.
After the "Crash! Boom! Live!" tour in Germany back in 1994-95, Per and Marie used their holding company Roxette Productions to account for this income. The Swedish income tax authority disagrees with this bookkeeping method and wants them to pay taxes personally on the income. The authority claims they were employed by tour company EMA Telstar and should therefore pay normal income tax on the 5.6 million kronor (€590,000) paid for the 19 concerts in Germany.
Per and Marie have been fighting this for almost ten years via their financial advisor Mats Nilemar of Desert AB.
Per owes 2.3 million kronor in back taxes and Marie owes 2.2 million, according to Swedish press reports.
When the tax authority first issued it's claim against them, both Per and Marie appealed the decision to Länsrätten, the first administrative court, which ruled in favor of the government in 2004. Roxette appealed again, to a higher court named Kammarrätten. In rulings issued during the past few days, this court upheld the lower court's decision.
Nilemar says that they will appeal once more, this time to Regeringsrätten, the highest administrative court in Sweden. Regeringsrätten will only decide to hear this case if they find it necessary to set a new precedent in this specific part of Swedish tax law. If this high court decides not to take the case, then the current ruling will be considered final.

Additional reporting by Thomas Evensson

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