Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Music: Roxette 1986 - 2006

It happened to be that I was a huge fan of Roxette since I was in school and throughout the college years. This band was my first inspiration to learn English and the band that from my point of view has done most powerfull ballads ever. During the last several years the band slowed down mostly due to the health problems of Marie Fredriksson. At the same time, Per Gessle as a real workaholic, while Roxette was in the shadows, released Son Of A Plumber project which is pretty good and very personal to him. 3 singles were released from this album in Sweden and some European countries.
As about Roxette, this year (2006) the band is releasing their Greatest Hits album and the box with some rarities, demos and full Mtv Unplugged show on DVD.

Both releases will include 2 new songs "One Wish" and "Reveal" that are quite different to the 90's style of Roxette due to the absence of the guitar sounds. It's a pity for some fans while others say, "We should be happy that they are back!" Well, it's interesting what will happen to "One Wish" that is the first coming single. A video was made as well. A bubblegum video for a bubblegum song. Being too much commercial was a part of Roxette all the time, I think, especially when we say 4 Greatest Hits albums after only 7 studio albums.

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