Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Programming: WinCE Emulator with VS 2005

This month in the company I work for (Basic Partner) we started the development of the software for the Windows CE based terminals. And since we had only 1 terminal for 4 developers, we thought it would be easy to debug the .NET Compact Framework applications on Windows CE Emulator. It appeared to be not as simple as we thought. It took us a week and a half to figure out how to make it work. There are 3 elements involved in the process - MS Platform Builder, Windows CE Emulator and Visual Studio 2005. So, after all, we decided to create a video tutorial that would show what we were doing there. I hope that some people will find it handy since it took me quite some time to edit the video material and narrate it.

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Levon Levonian said...

Very-very nice, thank you! More such tutorials!!!