Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Programming: WinCE Emulator with VS 2005

This month in the company I work for (Basic Partner) we started the development of the software for the Windows CE based terminals. And since we had only 1 terminal for 4 developers, we thought it would be easy to debug the .NET Compact Framework applications on Windows CE Emulator. It appeared to be not as simple as we thought. It took us a week and a half to figure out how to make it work. There are 3 elements involved in the process - MS Platform Builder, Windows CE Emulator and Visual Studio 2005. So, after all, we decided to create a video tutorial that would show what we were doing there. I hope that some people will find it handy since it took me quite some time to edit the video material and narrate it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Music: Roxette VS Taxes

I knew that Norway and Sweden are "high" on taxes and daily roxette published today an article about Roxette fighting the tax rules in Sweden. Our company manager complains about the tax rules in Norway as well from time to time and I think he is right about it. Well, here is an article:

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson have been involved in what's been labeled by the Swedish government as tax evasion.
After the "Crash! Boom! Live!" tour in Germany back in 1994-95, Per and Marie used their holding company Roxette Productions to account for this income. The Swedish income tax authority disagrees with this bookkeeping method and wants them to pay taxes personally on the income. The authority claims they were employed by tour company EMA Telstar and should therefore pay normal income tax on the 5.6 million kronor (€590,000) paid for the 19 concerts in Germany.
Per and Marie have been fighting this for almost ten years via their financial advisor Mats Nilemar of Desert AB.
Per owes 2.3 million kronor in back taxes and Marie owes 2.2 million, according to Swedish press reports.
When the tax authority first issued it's claim against them, both Per and Marie appealed the decision to Länsrätten, the first administrative court, which ruled in favor of the government in 2004. Roxette appealed again, to a higher court named Kammarrätten. In rulings issued during the past few days, this court upheld the lower court's decision.
Nilemar says that they will appeal once more, this time to Regeringsrätten, the highest administrative court in Sweden. Regeringsrätten will only decide to hear this case if they find it necessary to set a new precedent in this specific part of Swedish tax law. If this high court decides not to take the case, then the current ruling will be considered final.

Additional reporting by Thomas Evensson

Programming: ASP Hosting

It wasn't long time ago when I was looking for ASP.NET 2.0 + SQL 2005 hosting that would satisfy my basic needs of learning ASP. Yesterday I looked up a couple of forums looking for free hosting. There was one company providing free hosting and there was an email of the guy. I wrote to him and he told that they do not provide it for free anymore but they have good prices. So, I looked up their page and it appeared to be the cheapest I have found so far. It's like USD 2.1 per month (USD 25 per year). So, when I will get some extra time to get back to ASP, I will certainly get the account there, unless there is someone (maybe You ?) who knows a better solution.
Just wanted to keep a record for myself here.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fun: September in Klaipeda

It's the second year in a row when the weather in September is exceptionaly nice. It's sunny, around +20°C , and the Baltic Sea is pretty warm so there are some people swimming. This weekend is one of those when I think that very soon the sky will turn grey and the "raining" season will come. So, for the two days I was lazy, taking it easy playing boule. Although being a pretty simple game (or maybe I don't know all the rules), it's quite a nice game to play at the sea. I first played it in the summer in Sweden. A couple of days ago I saw the game in Jysk store in Klaipeda, so we gave it a chance. Everyone seemed to like the game.

Besides the fun, my wife and I discussed this year plans. My wife is studying in Sweden and I am working in Lithuania and both of us are actually getting sick of the situation being apart for so long. The biggest challenge for me in this situation is to learn Swedish language becase there aren't so many companies that want to take people who don't know the language. So, I guess I have to learn the language before I get the job, not vice versa.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Music: Roxette 1986 - 2006

It happened to be that I was a huge fan of Roxette since I was in school and throughout the college years. This band was my first inspiration to learn English and the band that from my point of view has done most powerfull ballads ever. During the last several years the band slowed down mostly due to the health problems of Marie Fredriksson. At the same time, Per Gessle as a real workaholic, while Roxette was in the shadows, released Son Of A Plumber project which is pretty good and very personal to him. 3 singles were released from this album in Sweden and some European countries.
As about Roxette, this year (2006) the band is releasing their Greatest Hits album and the box with some rarities, demos and full Mtv Unplugged show on DVD.

Both releases will include 2 new songs "One Wish" and "Reveal" that are quite different to the 90's style of Roxette due to the absence of the guitar sounds. It's a pity for some fans while others say, "We should be happy that they are back!" Well, it's interesting what will happen to "One Wish" that is the first coming single. A video was made as well. A bubblegum video for a bubblegum song. Being too much commercial was a part of Roxette all the time, I think, especially when we say 4 Greatest Hits albums after only 7 studio albums.

Blog - A Place to Start

My friend Levon showed me this new Google feature which I was planning to create on my webpage for a long time to keep my friends posted about what's going on in my life. Kinda nice with all the HTML possibilities, templates, colors, customizations and so on. So may things that probably ... Microsoft :) should've created a long time ago and has lost the opportunity. Good job, google guys!